Our Differences

Logistics – AE has capabilities to install across the continental United States, with previous projects having been completed in the tristate area and as far away as California. We have union and non-union electrical installers who are familiar with all install types, ranging from hospital installations requiring ICRA/HEPA requirements to luxury condo work.


Supply Chain Management – AE has vertically integrated itself into the LED supply chain, due to our size we are able to purchase directly from most major manufacturers and obtain substantial price reductions, resulting in passed along savings to the customer. Our team is constantly reviewing new technologies in the ever-evolving world of LED.


Incentive/Design Expertise – Our team has a combined 40+ years of Lighting experience and rebate processing. (In fact; two of our employees originally worked for Utility rebate companies prior to joining to our team).


Pricing - Due to our market influence and knowledge we are able to value engineer projects and work with suppliers to provide our customers with some of the lowest prices on the market. On average, we are typically 15% lower than our competition. 

No Cost Lighting Audit

Our lighting specialists will provide world class lighting audit free of charge

Improve Productivity 

Productivity gains more than make up for the cost of the investment. 

Rebate Administration 

we will provide consulting services to assist in the filing and obtaining of energy efficiency rebates through various utility programs.

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