Centralized monitoring for all facility applications. 

All-in-one Data Acquisition, Logging, & Visualization in one Box


The E-Box is an enclosure package of E-Server and E-Controller. The E-Server is a fully capable Linux server running Debian based Linux. The E-Server is a powerful embedded Data Acquisition system and a complete solution for monitoring and displaying any facility data. The E-Server is fully customizable, very cost effective, and includes all features and modules at no extra cost. The built in web server allows full access, configuration and control with a standard web browser.  Custom HTML Dashboards and HMI screens can be created with modern, mobile friendly development framework. The E-Server is a highly configurable data acquisition system pre-installed with drivers for Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, HTTP, RESTful API, Z-wave and many other protocols, which allows integration into third party systems.


IoT & Secure Remote Site Monitoring


Each E-Server seamlessly syncs Realtime and historical data to the central server. Capable of high speed local data acquisition the E-Server also contains a powerful cloud syncing protocol to publish its data to a central server.  Both real time values and historical synchronizations ensure that all data is buffered and sent to the server even through unreliable internet connections or outages The E-Server can be used as a stand-alone device or as a powerful industrial IoT gateway.  The included RESTful API can also be used to integrate into third party IoT systems. The E-Server combined with Automation Enterprise or Cloud server offers unified remote system monitoring and control. The VPN system allows users to network E-Servers to remote servers over a secure VPN.  Clients can also use the VPN for secure remote access and system management.




Each E-Server has the option to be programmed with Central Plant Optimization software.

We understand that your plant is unique and that any investment must pay back quickly.

That’s why our optimization design solutions maximize the use of your existing mechanical equipment and controls to minimize your project budget.

We then apply our adaptive control engine optimization technology to continuously maximize the efficiency of that design with real-time, online adjustments.

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