Top Products

Chiller Plant Optimization 

Real-Time Adaptive Control Technology

Proven chiller plant optimization solutions that cut energy costs up to 50%

LED Lighting Retrofit Solutions 

No Cost Lighting Audit

Our team of energy efficiency experts will work hand in hand with your facility management to design and build everything from LED lighting projects to mechanical system upgrades, saving energy and reducing your bottom line.

  Smart Metering Solutions 

Real time Energy managment 

Our Smart MeteringServices combine data analysis and intelligent tools with expert energy consultancy, helping businesses better understand energy usage and improve efficiency.

Communication and future of IoT on Energy 

Smart Building 

We are committed to delivering the best in-building wireless system to meet your specific requirements. 

AE Boiler Optimization and Monitoring Platform (Residential) 

No BMS Required

End to end innovative solution for onsite & cloud based data visualization and energy management.   

E-Box: Powerful data acquisition device & front end software 

Why do you need to upgrade your BMS?

E-Box end-to-end solution providing everything you need to build & deploy a modern Building Automation, Data Acquisition, IIoT, or SCADA system.


The simple way to reduce cooling costs by up to 30% 

Great for DX/ RTU and Window AC between    1 ton- 15 tons




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