AE proven algorithms optimize chiller plants by continuously maximizing kW/ton in both the CEO® and COACH™ solutions.

Optimizing Small Chillers:

Chiller plant control and optimization in a field-configurable, standalone package scalable down to plants with as few as two chiller sets.


Optimizing Larger Chillers:

The CEO®'s adaptive control algorithms can be configured into a custom engineered optimization and control solution for large, complex plants.


The full CEO® and COACH™ solutions include:

  • System energy assessment and optimization project payback analysis
  • Specific Energy Conservation Measures: hydronic, control and operational
  • Detailed project implementation and commissioning plan
  • Sequence of Operation to maximize system efficiency
  • Adaptive algorithm development to support the Sequence of Operation
  • Integration with site BAS; direct or supervisory control engine
  • Start up, commissioning and training: operation and troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive post-installation performance monitoring & verification
  • Protocol Support: BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, LONworks and Ethernet IP
  • Alarm handling with remote notification
  • Data logging/trending of all key performance parameters

Control System Independent AND Architecture Independent for Maximum Installation Flexibility

Direct Control : Best suited for


  • Facilities with no effective central plant control system
  • Plants without data control systems
  • Installations which would require significant updates to the existing BAS


Supervisory Control : Best suited for


  • Facilities with functional control system but no energy optimization capabilit
  • operations sensitive to any disruption

Chiller Plant Support Programs

AE provides comprehensive performance monitoring, training and maintenance plans to fit your plant's unique needs.


System Energy Performance Dashboard

Real-time and historical energy performance monitoring for your overall system and individual equipment.


Trade handwritten logs for historical data, real-time alerts and corrective actions to restore lost chiller efficiency.

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